Coconino Game Processing, Inc.- Flagstaff, Arizona

Price List


Under 80 lbs $75*
80 - 100 lbs $85*
Over 100 lbs $ .95 per lb

Elk, Buffalo, Bear, Mt. Lion

Boneless $ .95/lb*

($85 Minimum Processing on Elk)

Bulk Sausage

Chorizo, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Andouille, Country Breakfast  $17.50 / 10lbs

Cased Sausage

Andouille, *Banger, Bratwurst, *Caribbean, *Habanero,
*Green Chili, Hot or Mild Italian, *Louisiana Hot Link, *Polish, *Thai Curry
(* New Addition)
$20.00/5 lbs
$35.00/10 lbs

Summer Sausage / Smoked Meats

Summer Sausage $20.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Hard Salami $20.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Pepperoni $20.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Jalapeno Summer $22.50 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Jalapeno Cheese Summer $25.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)


Southwest, Jalapeno Summer, Jalapeno Cheese,
Peppered, Teriyaki
$17.50/lb (Dried Weight)

(Jerky requires 3lbs of meat to make 1lb dried jerky)

Slim Jims $17.50/lb

Skinning Fees: Deer $35.00
Elk   $65.00 (Cape Extra)

*Basic cut, additional charge for special requests.
(Prices are based on hanging weight.)

Domestic Processing

Cows and Pigs $ .75/lb  ($50 Min.)

Prices Subject to Change

Sausage is made in house and is Satisfaction Guaranteed